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SRINAGAR: A member of the European Parliament Wajid Khan said that the Kashmir issue is not just limited to Kashmir but is a matter of concern for the whole humanity. While addressing a seminar organised on Kashmir issue  he said “Pakistan need to give more importance to Kashmir, need to raise the Kashmir issue effectively at international forums. We feel the pain of Kashmiri sisters, and we will keep raising voice against oppression in Kashmir”.

He added that overseas Pakistanis and Kashmiri community are playing an important role in highlighting the Kashmir issue at international-level, which the local leadership highly appreciates. He said the hearts of Pakistanis all over the world beat with Kashmiris. He added that expats are sympathetic towards Kashmiris. Meanwhile Pakistan’s foreign office spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal said Pakistan will back out of its principled stance on Kashmir issue.

He said the UN Human Rights Commission report on rights violation in Kashmir is a turning point, adding that the British Kashmir group’s report and Kashmir Conference in the European Parliament after publishing of report are important developments.  “We won’t withdraw from our principled stance on Kashmir issue. We are with the Kashmiri population. Our stance is that Kashmir issue should be resolved according to the UN resolutions and the wishes of Kashmiri people.”

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