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NEW DELHI: Prof. Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate in Supreme Court of India, Executive Chairman of State Legal Aid Committee & Chairman of International Committee for Human Rights has offered Legal Aid to assist his defence committee before a court in Pakistan. Prof. Bhim Singh post law graduate from London University and a barrister has offered free Legal Aid to assist the defence committee of Pakistan’s former Prime Minister, Mr. Nawaz Sharif who was arrested along with his daughter at the Lahore Airport the other day. Prof. Bhim Singh has conveyed to Nawaz Sharif that he is prepared to join the defence committee of lawyers in Pakistan at his own cost to defend Shri Nawaz Sharif and his daughter who were arrested at Lahore Airport two days back while coming from London.

Prof. Bhim Singh has offered to defend former Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto but Pakistan Govt. did not grant him entry visa. Prof Bhim Singh has been providing free Legal Aid to several foreigners detained in jails in India, Pakistan and many of them have been released. Prof. Bhim Singh has requested the foreign ministry of Pakistan to grant entry visa to him and his team of Advocates.

Prof. Bhim Singh travelled around the world over five years on peace mission and also studied Law in London University while travelling. He said that he was not allowed by Iraqi Govt. to represent President Saddam Hussein before a military court. He said that he has been fighting for justice and rule of law for all victims of the dictatorial Govts.. His writ petition are still pending before the Supreme Court of India challenging the illegal detentions of foreigner youth in India mostly from Pakistan. He said that more than five hundred foreign prisoners mostly from Pakistan and PoK have been released by the intervention of the Supreme Court of India on his writ petitions. He described the arrest and detention of the former Prime Minister of Pakistan and his daughter as illegal, against the Fundamental Rights and International Law relating to civil liberties. This is illegal, against the Fundamental Rights and violates the Human Rights guaranteed in the Constitution of Pakistan as well as malafide.