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  • PoK DPs Chain Dharna enters into day 16

JAMMU: S. O. S. International under the chairmanship of Rajiv Chuni has entered “Indefinite Chain Dharna” on 16th day today which has been led by team from Samba district Kartar Singh accompanied by other members Rashpal Singh Bhatti, Shamsher Singh, Parveen Singh, Rajinder Kumar and Sunil Bhatti. Kartar Singh while leading the dharna has cursed the government for violation of human rights of over I million people displaced from PoK for the last seven decades. “No one will find such type of human rights violations all over the World where despite lapse of such a long period the displaced persons from PoK are still living in miserable conditions in 39 filthy camps are created for a brief period till the displaced persons are fully rehabilitated but alas despite lapse of over 70 years these people are still languishing in camps without the basic needs of life”, he added.

Kartar Singh further alleged that during this severe cold weather at minimum temp of 4 degrees Celsius and sitting on roads for demanding legitimate rights is itself a violation of human rights as most of the protesters are prone to serious diseases and have been compelled by the local government & Government of India to sit on indefinite dharna. Kartar Singh said that 183rd report presented in the Parliament of India which was represented by all the political parties have recommended that Rs. 30 lacs be given to all the displaced families from PoK besides creation of seats for PoK DPs in J&K Legislative Assembly, constitution of PoK DPs development Board, reservation of seats in technical & professional colleges of the country for wards of PoK DPs, employment package for educated unemployed youths of PoK but no such recommendation have been implemented so far.

Kartar Singh warned the government to get ready for facing the consequences which will prove counterproductive & harmful to the government in due course of time. The indefinite chain dharna is being held over the main 6 key demands viz. implementation of the whole package passed by State Cabinet in October 2014 for PoK Displaced Persons, provide facilities to all displaced at par with Valley Migrants, reservation of 8 seats for people displaced from PoK in J&K Legislative Assembly, permit PoK DPs to visit to their religious places in PoK, inclusion of 5, 300 PoK DPs families living outside the State in the ambit of package passed in October 2014 and return of cash deposits with interest to PoK DPs lying with J&K Bank Mirpur.

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