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  • Guv must make Ministers, MLAs, MPs, top bureaucrats accountable for illegalities

JAMMU:  Hailing the Governor for his stance against corruption in public life, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Former Minister said that war against the corrupt must start from the top by making the Ministers, MLAs, MPs and bureaucrats accountable to the system. He said that while a few cases of corruption had been brought to fore by the Governor, the politicians and bureaucrats behind the said scams had apparently managed to evade the process of law. And despite several instances of frauds, bunglings and irregularities having been attributed to powerful politicians, he said, none had been penalized till date. And contrarily the weak and un-influential had always been made the sacrificial lambs in the name of corruption, he regretted. Until and unless the big fish were trapped and punished under law, no initiative against corruption could prove worthwhile, said Mr. Singh. He was addressing a press conference in Jammu today.

Appealing the Governor to take note of huge disproportionate assists raised by Ministers, MLAs, MPs and top bureaucrats by abusing their position and authority, Mr. Singh observed that the cleansing of staircase has always to start from the top. He said that huge state lands and Forest lands worth crores had been illegally usurped and encroached by several Ministers, MPs and MLAs and other powerful people with no cognizance having been taken by any agency including vigilante organizations despite repeated reports appearing in the media. He said that while the govt had started eviction proceedings against the poor, hapless, un-influential and marginalized sections, the rich and the mighty had been spared. Not only that they were being assisted by a coterie in the administration by either regularizing their illegal holdings by tempering and fudging the records or allowing them to continue with their illegal possessions despite proven encroachments.

Not only the illegal encroachments by these politicians were required to be removed but the illegal commercial units established by them  in violation of laws, Supreme Court orders and directions of NGT were also required to be removed in the interest of Justice and fair play. He said that illegal stone crushers, brick-kilns, Hotmix plants, line kilns, pesticide units mostly run by these powerful people was the biggest form of political corruption which needed due attention of the Hon’ble Governor. He said that such Pollution creating units had been allowed to function in defiance of the rulings of Apex Court in view of a powerful and rich lobby owning and operating them.

The helmsmen had failed to appreciate that such units benefited a few individuals, whose coffers they filled but at the cost of society at large who were exposed to serious health hazards and life consuming diseases. He said that as none dared to take action against these mighty and powerful politicians, all eyes were pinned upon the Governor so that rule of law could prevail. He said that no political govt could take such decisions of acting against corrupt politicians and bureaucrats in view of undeclared agreement among the political parties to conceal each other’s dirty laundry. He said that if the Governor could retrieve the encroached state and Forest lands from corrupt politicians and disband their illegal business centres including pollution causing units, his services would be remembered for all times to come. Present in the press conference was Mr. Rajiv Mahajan District President Jammu (Urban) of JKNPP.