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JAMMU: On the occasion of children’s day, Parivartan, NGO, organized a free medical camp to provide measles-rubella vaccine for the kids at their centre. The measles-rubella campaign marks the introduction of the rubella vaccine in India's childhood immunization programme for the first time. Rubella, which is commonly referred to as German measles, is a mild infection, but can have serious consequences if it occurs in pregnant women.

India's latest MR vaccine also protects against measles, a major killer of small children, which is Highly contagious and spreads through contact. Nearly 37 per cent of the global burden of deaths due to measles is in India, mainly due to complications such as diarrhoea and pneumonia. The campaign was launched on September 24 to cover more than 50 lakh children in the age group of nine months to 15 years to eliminate the congenital rubella syndrome, caused by the rubella virus.

President, Parivartan, Vikas Sharma, expressed gratitude for the health department officials as the medical officer, Satyawati, who inspected the camp and provided vaccine to the kids at the centre. Speaking on the occasion, Vikas Sharma urged upon the heads of other NGOs to start awareness on a big scale in schools and outreach areas, where a stiff resistance has come up against the vaccination drive.

On the occasion, other members of the Parivartan (NGO), Treasurer Vishal Targotra, Vice-Presidents Rajinder Singh, Subodh Bhasin, Krishan Sharma and Ricky Arora, Sahil Sharma, Sandeep Singh Manhas, Teacher of the centre Manu Sharma, Sangeeta and other officials of the health department were also present. Later, refreshment was also distributed among the kids for their participation on the children’s day.