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UDHAMPUR: In order to strengthen the bond between the local populace and the Indian Army, a lecture and demo on Road Safety Day was organised in Chasana market. The event attracted a huge populace including drivers who regularly ply on these roads. A total of 97 civilians were present during the lecture. The lecture encompassed DOs and DONTs while driving. Local Police was also pitched in to provide an overview regarding the frequency of accidents in the region. It was followed by screening of movie on “Road Traffic Accident” and advertisements to sensitise the locals about safe driving practices. The movie served its purpose of utilizing a popular medium for disseminating an important message. The interaction evoked a positive response which is likely to percolate down to all residents. It was heartening to see enormous zeal, enthusiasm and interest among the people who requested for more such events in future. The event surely strengthened the Army-Awam connect.

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