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UDHAMPUR: Army has been contributing immensely towards upliftment and development of local population in remote areas. Continuing the trend, Indian Army undertook the initiative of distribution of solar lights in villages of Rajouri district where the electricity has not been provisioned. Most of the villages situated in the higher reaches have no access to electricity and after sunset plunge into darkness. A total of 84 Solar Lamps been installed in remote villages of Rajouri district. The low maintenance solar lamps has lit up the villages and enabled provisioning of basic requirement of street lighting in addition to vigil throughout the night.

On the occasion, the Army authorities urged the villagers to come forward and join hands towards development and prosperity and contribute towards the progress of the region. The villagers expressed their gratitude towards the Army for undertaking this noble task of providing electricity to the remote area. This initiative has been highly appreciated by locals as it will alter their lifestyle for a better tomorrow.

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