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SRINAGAR: In absence of sufficient staff, Labour Department has failed to keep a check on child labour in Kashmir valley as they hardly inspect work places to check this practice. Sources in Department told News agency Press Trust of Kashmir that the concerned officials across Valley never inspect the work establishments. Sources added that there is shortage of officers and ground staff in department. The department even has not maintained data of the prosecuted cases and the complaints it receives, they added.

Some officials from the department told Press Trust of Kashmir that inspection can’t be done by one or two persons. “We need a team but there is no such manpower available. Government should look into this issue”, they said. They further added that Government should take steps to increase the man power of the department by employing more staff.

An educationist said that during the last 25 years of turmoil, the children of the state were affected the worst and there were more than 80,000 orphans in the state in the age group of 15-25. "The government has to come up with a plan to rehabilitate them," he added. One of the Officers of the labour department while talking to Press Trust of Kashmir said that they could enter shops and check child labour but were unable to enter homes to locate children working as servants. He added that department is working hard. “We take action against those who are using children as labour”, he adds.

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