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SRINAGAR: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Saturday expressed serious concern over the escalation of violence in Kashmir, stating that with death,  violence and pillage becoming rampant, the region has virtually been turned into a theatre of war. In a statement issued here, PDP General Secretary, Ghulam Nabi Lone Hanjura condemned the spree of arrests being launched against the youth in Valley and slapping of Public Safety Act against them becoming rampant. He added that such state actions besides being deplorable are explicable as well as there is no justification of pushing the youth of the state to the wall and militating against them with such a might.


Hanjura added that the crackdown against the youth goes contrary to the claims being made by the Central Government and State Governor about taking the Kashmir’s younger generation into confidence and amicably address their concerns.  He maintained that if the present measures of repression aren’t stopped, the situation in the already restive Valley will turn more sultry as the wounds inflicted by the violence of the past 30 years are still reeking. “Comprehensive consultations are needed to resolve the issue of Kashmir through dialogue and reconciliation. PDP is confident that if sincere efforts are made to address the  concerns of youth instead of suppressing their aspirations militarily, the process will elicit positive response from the other side and the state instead of turning into an inferno shall become a hub of tranquility and peace. All we need is to rack our brains over such issues,” Hanjura said.

The PDP General Secretary also termed the frequent internet gag in Kashmir a major concern . He says that such an action besides hitting the business fraternity hard is also affecting the student community at large. “There are thousands of students who are preparing for annual examinations in Kashmir. Internet is a primary source of information these days with exam dates and entry passes being directly download from internet. The gag is proving calamitous for our students and it deserves remonstrance from all sides,” Hanjura said.

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