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JAMMU: The District Administration of Rajouri today foiled Sharnarthi Rosh Jansabha that was proposed to be organized at Dak Bungalow by S. O. S. International - An Organization for PoK Displaced Persons. Even though, the permission for the said public gathering was given 2 months before by the administration but the same has been denied at the already selected site.

S. O. S. International Chairman Rajiv Chuni reached out the administration to know the cause of cancellation of the site and he talked the same to Deputy Commissioner and ADC. Administration said that space for public gathering can be given to some other alternate site. The Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) first gave the consent to hold Public gathering at the alternate site but the 2nd time he denied by citing some weird reasons. The SSP’s letter of consent is lying with S. O. S. International therefore; the denial of permission is seen to have taken under pressure by BJP that has already been exposed due to its double standard policy. It is alleged that the mayhem of not letting the public gathering was done by BJP leader who didn’t want to let the Sharnarthi Rosh Jansabha for own vested gains. However, the Sharnarthi Rosh Jansabha was held somewhere due to ill design of frightened BJP that is unable to face the public. 

Thousands of PoK DPs who participated have displayed resentment against nefarious and despicable blueprint that was carried out there. S. O. S. International Chairman called it submerged with conspiracy and cautioned PoK DPs present there to demolish every such design. He said that S. O. S. International lies in PoK DPs hearts and no one has power to bring this organization from their hearts by hook or by crook. PoK DPs were filled with both - excitement and anguish as S. O. S. International strength is growing more with energetic participation of PoK DPs and they were irate as Government is not listening to their demands.

While speaking in the Rosh Jansabha, Mr. Chuni said that NDA Government has been neglecting PoK DPs since the day they have come in power, however before elections, the saffron party had shown green pastures to PoK DPs but the focus of its leadership remained for Valley Migrants who have been enjoying all sorts of benefits as NDA believes that Kashmiri Pandits need such benefits that include monthly cash relief, free food, shelter, education, reservation for wards in technical and professional colleges across the country, Rs 20 lakh for each KP family, waiver in income tax and many other facilities.

“PoK DPs who are more than 1.3 million in numbers have been struggling for justice for the last 7 decades and are forced to spend their lives in such inhumane conditions where they are deprived from basic amenities such as given to Valley Migrants. PoK DPs are not getting any of these benefits as their whole time is consumed in doing meager jobs to earn bread and butter. The future of 3 generations has been put in insecurity by various successive Governments and now, the S. O. S. International will not allow it to happen anymore as PoK refugees have already faced too much cruelty and apathy since their exodus from their ancestral places.  BJP’s slogan of ‘Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas’ is absolutely a farce but what kind of justice is this, where one’s vikas and other’s sarvnash takes place”, he asked.

“It can’t be called justification as limit of bias has broken all records. Those who take part in democratic setup are given step motherly treatment and those who remain absent from it have become the apple of Government’s eye. Valley Migrants got displaced within the state as they can visit to their native places whenever they want, even several VMs are still residing and doing jobs there. Srinagar is capital of Jammu and Kashmir and there is no restriction on them to go there. But PoK DPs can’t go to their ancestral places as Line of Control (LoC) had been drawn so PoK DPs can’t visit there as per their wish.  Kashmiri Pandits got displaced within the State as they can visit to their native places whenever they want, even several Kashmiri Pandits are still residing and doing jobs there.

The BJP led Government must have compared the state subject communities (PoK DPs and Kashmiri Pandits) and both communities must be given equal treatment but when it comes to justice, NDA compares us with West Pakistani Refugees that is called absolute injustice to the community belongs to erstwhile state of J&K”, he added. He further stated that various sacred religious places are located in PoK and Government repeatedly recited that it would vacate them but it is unable to do so. “Thousands of Valley Migrants visit to their sacred places in Kashmir viz. Kheer Bhawani but PoK DPs can’t visit there as LoC stands there.

It is very unfortunate that KPs are given everything they ask for. PoK DPs have become politically orphan even after making their vital participation in democracy resulted in winning of two BJP MPs from Jammu and Udhampur Loksabha Constituencies but they are deprived of their political rights. PoK DPs were denied seats in upper house i.e. Legislative Council (LC) but in 2015 and 2017, Valley Migrants were accommodated even after knowing the fact that the participation of Valley Migrants in democratic set up is quite less or nothing. 5,300 PoK DPs families who were registered in their respective places/camps outside J&K were excluded from the relief package but what is very astonishing who are non state subjects i.e. WP refugees are given relief package which means that who belong to the State of Jammu & Kashmir are denied justice but those who are outsiders are given justice”, he stated.

He further said that in upcoming Legislative Assembly and General elections, a severe lesson will be taught to the party that exploited and ditched PoK DPs at its peak. He said that this time no one can betray us as PoK DPs have become aware of their rights and the days are not far when no one can deny or befool us. I appeal to every PoK DP to ignite a spark to get justice and thwart every ill design of hostile force.

Capt. Balraj conducted the stage proceedings other who also spoke .Rafiq Khan , Pt. Lekh Raj , Master Bodh Raj ,Smt.Sharda ,Capt Ravinder Sharma , Sat Paul Sharma , Rajesh Kumar , Randhir Sharma , Pritam Lal , Ashok Kumar , Juggi , Vivek Sharma , Som Raj ,Dheeraj Sharma , Khem Raj , Arun Kumar , Ramesh Chander , Amit Kumar , Subash Sharma , PT. Kewal Ram , Sanjay Kumar , Rohit Sharma , Ravnish Sharma , Akash Deep Sharma.