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SIMBOLE: Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC), Vice President and MLA Inderwal, Ghulam Mohammad Saroori held a series of public meetings at far-flung areas including Simbole, Basha, Kundka, Chatran, Didwar, Kundalla areas of Kuchal in tehsil Mugalmaidan. While addressing the series of meeting Saroori said For Congress, justice is the only religion and, therefore, its main emphasis will be to ensure equitable distribution of State resources to all sections of society, so that nobody has an opportunity to complain that he or she has been discriminated simply because of belonging to a particular community or caste.

In a State like Jammu & Kashmir, said Saroori, different regions have different community compositions, and therefore, after the formation of Congress government in 2019 whatever region a particular community is in minority, special caution will be exercised to take care of its sensitivities.

Saroori said Congress will endeavour to create an administrative setup which offers opportunities to every youth depending on his ability, diligence and expertise. Youth power is the biggest resource of the State of Jammu & Kashmir but unfortunately large majority of youth are migrating out of the State to look for job opportunities in other places, he observed and added, Congress will endeavor to correct this anomaly and will start the work of power projects in Chenab Valley which will give employment to around more than 10,000 unemployed youths.

He said that the last 4 years, the areas of Kishtwar, Inderwal, Bhaderwah, Doda, Ramban and Banihal remain undeveloped and backward, in spite of hundreds of crores of rupees being pumped in through Central Funds. The reason is very simple that the PDP who has no footings in the Chenab Valley while BJP deliberately neglected these areas for political considerations. The ruling parties, including PDP and BJP, had their priorities placed elsewhere and they did not allow these regions to grow, so that the people here could be kept perpetually deprived of the benefits of tourism, education and youth employment and the best example is in front of all that the PDP and BJP failed to resume the work on Ratle power project at Drabshalla which will absorb thousands of youth,” he added.

Making a dig at those leaders who misguided these innocent people of far-flung areas in 2014 elections by saying that a Congress Government will be biased against these areas or certain community or castes and will be corrupt, Saroori said, time has come to install a Government in the State which is fully accountable and is answerable to the people for each penny spent from the Central Grants, but this is possible only if we have a Congress Government in the State headed by Ghulam Nabi Azad.


He also said that due to his hard efforts the school has been sanctioned for Kundka Kuchal and said road from Simbole to Kundka will soon be sanctioned.  At all the meetings held, Saroori was warmly greeted by large crowds cutting across the community lines. On the occasion the MLA Inderwal congratulated the large number of BJP workers who joined Congress and exhorted them to work for development and prosperity of Inderwal Assembly Constituency.