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KISHTWAR: Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress (JKPCC), Vice President and MLA Inderwal, Ghulam Mohammad Saroori said that Congress is the only political party which seriously cares for the hill, rural and far flung areas and whenever it is in power, it has kept its commitment of formulating several new development plans and schemes for these areas.  While addressing the newly joined workers from the Palmar area of Kishtwar constituency, Saroori said that the Congress leadership, hailing from the grassroots, is capable of sensitively responding to the requirements and aspirations of people living in the hilly terrains unlike the other parties. He said that for the first time, there is a visible Congress wave across community lines in Kishtwar constituency because people have realized that Congress is the only party which can ensure for all of them a dignified life with safety and without fear.

Saroori said that Congress is the only truly secular party because its ethos teaches the practice of justice and fair-play for one and all without discrimination or distinction. Those who raise the slogans of secularism among different communities and communalism among particular communities are in fact trying to befool people by instigating them in the name of religion while they themselves are not committed to any religion or faith, he added.

Referring to the continuing backwardness of Kishtwar Assembly Constituency, Saroori said, time has come for common people of this area to ask the BJP MLA from Kishtwar, Sunil Kumar Sharma as to why all the resources and Central assistance were diverted to other areas and less funds were given to Kishtwar constituency. He said hardly any development took place in the constituency in comparison with other constituencies because of lackadaisical attitude of BJP MLA from Kishtwar.

Appealing for a vote for Congress in future, Saroori said that this is a historic opportunity for the Kishtwar Constituency to prove to the entire world that the voice of the common people from this area for the first time found its echo in the hall of Jammu & Kashmir State Assembly through the voice of a Congress MLA. Welcoming the new entrants, Mr. Saroori described the joining of prominent workers of BJP, PDP and NC into Congress as a natural choice for all those who want to serve the people of Jammu & Kashmir and work for strengthening peace and tranquility. “Joining of a Hindu, a Muslim and a Sikh is in true consonance with the philosophy of Congress’s cherished agenda of brotherhood”, he maintained.

Prominent among those Mohammad Aslam Malik, Altaf Hussain Malik, Mohinder Singh Parihar, Raj Kumar, Tariq Hussain Mintoo, Ghulam Mohd Ganaie, Mohd Iqbal, Ghulam Rasool Wani, Bidya Lal Sharma, Thakur Suman Bhandari, Waseem Sajjad Saroori, Mohd Rustum and others also spoke on the occasion. Terming joining of youth as big boost for the party, the senior leaders said that people who want to contribute to the political discourse and development of the state must become part of the Congress’s growth story. The doors are open for the people who want to contribute in the party’s efforts to see the state out of the present mess,” he said. “Congress is committed for the people’s cause and will always uphold their aspirations and sentiments”, they said and hoped that with their joining Congress would be further strengthened in the area.