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  • Drug mafia, anti-social elements have taken control of trade on LoC

JAMMU: Seeking personal intervention of Governor N N Vohra to protect younger generation of J&K from the deadly menace of drug addiction, Team Jammu today strongly demanded that cross-LoC trade centres on the Line of Control should be immediately shut to snap supply line of heroin, charas and other narcotic drugs from across the border. Team Jammu observed that the so-called cross-LoC is the main source of smuggling narcotic from the across the border to destroy younger generation of the country.

Addressing a meeting of the executive committee of Team Jammu, Mr Zorawar Singh Jamwal chairman of the Team Jammu expressed surprise that international drug lords under the grab of cross LoC trade are indulge in smuggling drugs to this side of the border but authorities have failed to take action due to indecisiveness and vote bank politics of the successive state governments.

Taking a cue from the statement of Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amrinder Singh, who in an interview, has admitted that Kashmir is main source of smuggling drugs to other parts of the country has authenticated the allegations that deadly drugs being smuggled from across the LoC under the grab of cross-LoC trade. Recalling that cross-LoC trade was started as one of the biggest ever Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) but international drug mafia has virtually taken control of this trade and drug lords are operating on the trade centres to supply drugs in different parts of the country.

“It is really surprising that meeting of the so-called traders involved in cross-LoC trade always held in big cities outside the country like Singapore, Thialand, Washington, Dubai etc etc”,  he pointed out and added that such meetings were organized by drug lords for the enjoyments of so-called traders whose names have been used by the international drug mafia to ensure smooth flow of their consignments from the across the border to every nook and corner of India.  

He also demanded that questioning of those who have been official involved in cross LoC trader but in reality drug mafia has taken control of its. He said that narco-terrorism has gripped the sensitive border state of J&K, with international drug mafia smuggling drugs into the country through the LoC. Most of the drug peddlers arrested by the police have admitted that Punjab was their last destination, but they usually sold some portion of their consignments in Jammu province.

He further pointed out that heroin, charas or any other narcotic seized by the police in the last three years during various operations was not produced in the country. “This is not simple drug smuggling, it is narco terrorism, which is more dangerous than other kinds of terror and we should not take it simply as a menace. It is a great threat, which can completely devastate our younger generation,” said Jamwal.