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  • Daus Rahul Gandhi to expel Soz, Azad
  • Asks BJP is for peace and development, army is capable to take care of affairs
  • Alliance was broken as equitable development was lagging 

JAMMU: BJP National President Amit Shah flanked by its National Vice-President & J&K Prabhari Avinash Rai Khanna, National General Secretary (Org.) Ram Lal and National General Secretary Saroj Pandey addressed a mammoth public rally at parade, Jammu. BJP State President Ravinder Raina (MLA), Union MoS in PMO Dr. Jitendra Singh, MPs Jugal Kishore Sharma, Shamsher Singh Manhas, State General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Kaul, State General Secretaries Dr. Narinder Singh, Pawan Khajuria, Harinder Gupta, MLC Ashok Khajuria, MLAs Sat Sharma and Kavinder Gupta were also present in the stage.

The programme especially organized on the martyrdom day of Amar Shaheed Dr. Syama Prasad Mookherjee started with slogans of “Amar Shaheed Syama Prasad Mookherjee Amar Rahein” “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”, “Janah Hue Balidaan Mookherjee, Wo Kashmir Hamara Jai, Jo Kashmir Hamara Hai, Woh Sare ka Saare Hai”, while all the BJP stalwarts showed flowers petals in the portrait of Dr. Mookherjee and remembered his selfless sacrifice.

Amit Shah, while addressing the rally attended by tons of thousands  of BJP leaders, activists and common masses, thundered that BJP a meant to save the nation. He enumerated the reasons for the break up between BJP and PDP, while thrusting that the National Security and equal Development of all three regions was the core issue to take back support and break the alliance.

Amit Shah said that “Common Minimum Programme” was based on 3 mum poise Ist was equitable development of all three regions, second was to stop terrorism and third was to ensure that Jammu & Kashmir state will progress on the path of “Abhin Ang” of Bharat. He blamed the failure of PDP led J&K government for the insufficient works in all three things. We waited for 4 long years and no we can no more tolerate this, he added.

Shah said that Union government opened up all the available financial resources started with initial 80,000 crore package to ensure development of all three regions, he claimed that the pace, with which, development could have been was not viewed especially in Jammu regions for the reason best known to state government.

Shah also called upon the media fraternity to thrust on the development agenda of BJP after the breakup of alliance and just not limit the version taking laid steps on militancy. He stated that Indian army and security forces have total professional approach for these matters and we should make them free on these working according to their expertise. Shah also attacked Congress for anti-national statements of Gh. Nabi Azad and Said-ud-Din and dared Rahul Gandhi to expel these from party. He narrated the life history of great ideologue and stated that permit system in J&K in stepped due to his efforts. He also said that total Bengal is a part of India due to his efforts only. He claimed that Dr. Mookherjee was killed cold blooded in J&K.

Ravinder Raina spoke on the numerous sacrifices that have been made in our history and took Congress by its lines for its anti-national credential. Dr. Jitendra Singh concentrated on the fact that BJP is the natural party of J&K and termed J&K as the land of brave and patriots. Pawan Khajuria conducted the proceedings of the programme.

Earlier, a meeting of National Party President with the Media and Social Media Department was also held in which he thrust on the easy and accessible approach to all the population with special emphasis on youth. A meeting with party Vistaraks was also held in which discussions on the reach of party affairs to every region were emphasized. A book was also released on the moment which concentrates on Praja Parishad movement and its unsung heroes.   

He said that 2100 crore were earmarked for Jammu and Srinagar both. AIIMS were allotted but land not yet acquired in Jammu waste of full session has been done as par as Medical college in concened out of total 5 colleges. We brought for political reservation of patriotic Gujjar community. No DRP yet prepared for smart city 2600 crores for village roads. Pashmina and Pampore Haat. Out of 2000 crores only 500 crore for POJK Refugee utilized community and individual bunkers. 51/2  lakhs rupees for west Pak Refugees but no registered still maintained train to Katra and its inclusion Icon city etc. While enumerating he said that centre did not leave anything but state government did not progressed on anything.