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JAMMU: Bharatiya Janata Party in a press statement issued here today has castigated National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana for blaming BJP for “hobnobbing with Congress to further its agenda of division, hate and polarisation.” In the same breath he did not spare the local leaders of his alliance partner Congress for pushing the state towards communal frenzy. The statement further read, “For ‘Jai Chand’ Rana everybody (including his alliance partners Congress) are communal while his bosses across the PirPanjal are most ‘secular.

’What else can be expected from a person who has always sabotaged the interests of Jammu people at the expense of pleasing his ‘akas’? Only time he dared to open his mouth for the people of Jammu, he was not only badly snubbed and rebuked but also threatened to be thrown out from the party. Dumping in dustbin, his love for Dogras, ever since than he is busy singing the paeans of his Kashmiri bosses and parroting whatever he is told to speak portraying him as a face of Jammu.”

He belongs to a party which is responsible for unleashing communal politics in the state by launching “Quit Kashmir” movement against the then Dogra ruler of the state. Brought up on the ideology of “exclusivity”, the party was responsible for forcible introduction of Article 370 in Indian Constitution. It thereafter systematically organised ethnic cleansing of Valley to convert it into an intolerant monolith society from multi-ethnic tolerant society. Through its political agenda, it sowed the seeds of dividing the peaceful Jammu region into religion based sub-regions. It changed the names of towns, villages, localities and Hindu religious places in the Valley to Arabic names, an alien language as far as the people of Kashmir are concerned, just to impose the radical Wahhabi culture. Despite these facts, he dares to label the peaceful people of Jammu as communal. He is speaking at the behest of his masters to change the entire existing narrative by portraying Jammu as communal, blamed the statement.

He belongs to a party of chameleons, whose leaders change colours with every changing season in Kashmir, sometimes more than once during the same season. Known to speak in three different languages in Jammu, Srinagar and Delhi, their true face has become very familiar with the youth. Their treachery in playing with the emotions of the people for vote-bank politics has also been understood by the people. Thus, by issuing such statements, Rana is only further exposing the hollowness of his party accused the statement. What an irony, the party that claims to be secular refused to add the word “Secular” in the preamble of the state constitution when it was introduced in the Constitution of India by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

In the 1983 assembly elections Farooq Abdullah and his party sought support of all anti-national and secessionist organisations operating in the Valley. NC sought the support of these organisations on the plea that the ensuing elections were to be treated as a fight between all Kashmiris on the one hand and India as a sovereign country on the other represented by Congress. Farooq Abdullah became the Chief Minister but the victory of NC promoted the rise of secessionist and separatist parties that had remained dormant for quite some time and gave further boost to communal politics. True to their chameleon style politics, how the two parties came together later to loot the state is known to one and all, claimed the press release.

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