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  • Demand sense in empanelment paradigms

SRINAGAR: The owners of several print media dailies and weeklies Saturday held a protest in meet their demands and especially called on the government to empanel their newspapers soon as promised by the government on several instances. The participants stated - As per policy they had to continue meetings on regular instance but they have been not conducted regularly.  When first meeting was postponed and second was held, they recommended in second meet nineteen papers but could not take final call and to get the Kashmir based Papers scuttled weird norms were set like we are being told to go by policy of 2016 in 2015.


Additionally, the declaration and labour laws have set at least one day off plus other holidays but the Kashmir based Newspapers are told to show hundred percent attendance which is nonsensical to say the least. The participants  stated that despite Kashmir facing the brunt of turmoil and other harsh conditions the print media outlets have been left out of the empanelment Paradigms.


Despite mammoth periods of unrest and 2014 floods the Kashmir print media sector faced setback and nothing was done on ground zero to improve the condition of newspapers. The newspaper owners stated that on account of continued apathy by the Government and constant irrational hurdles by the authorities they are on the verge of suicide and demanded immediate intervention in this context based on logic and rationale.

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