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JAMMU: All Jammu Kashmir & Ladakh Teachers Federation (AJKLTF) affiliated to Akhil Bhartiya Rashtryia Shikshak Mahasangh well come the announcement made by the Hon’able Finance Minister Haseeb Drabu with reference to implementation of 7th pay commission for its employees from April 1st 2018 and 1%Dearness Allowance [DA] for Government employees from July 1, 2017. The 14.27 percent hike in the Basic Pay, raising minimum pay is a welcomed step taken by the Govt. The reduction of age from 33 years to 20 years for qualifying service for full pension, pension in favor of un married daughters of employees, increase in personal  Accidental Insurance , constitution of Pay committee are the welcome steps taken by the State Government in favors of employees in J&K.  This was stated by Devraj Thakur, State President AJKLTF, he was addressing in a press conference at Press Clun Jammu here today.


All Jammu Kashmir & Ladakh Teachers Federation aft. To Akhil Bhartiya Rashtryia Shikshak Mahasangh also hail Hon’able Education Minister Altaf Bukhari for restoring honor and dignity of the teaching community in the state.“We hail efforts of Sayeed Altaf Bukhari for focusing on the academics without playing any politics on the issues pertaining to education department. These decisions will help in improving the quality education. The steps taken by the Education department for improvement in academic side and eradication of corruption are highly commendable”. We expresses  gratitude to Hon'able Education Minister Altaf Bukhari for initiating speedy disposal of pending issues of teachers community wherein to extend the benefits of SRO 43 to RET Teachers, Adjustment of Teachers as Masters pending since 2014. Now we sought immediate release of DPC which is not held due to the delay of adjustment for three years.

The Press conference was also addressed by Ratan Sharma, State general Secretary,Mohan Singh, Radha Krishan Shama and Neeraj Sharma.

Transparent/rational transfer policy:- AJKLTF/ABRSM demands that a transparent/rational transfer policy should be framed and implemented transparently to make the system work efficiently. Lack of proper implementation of present transfer policy created the frustration among the teachers as well as RRET Teachers those who are serving in far flung areas of the state since long and they have lost all hopes and get frustrated due to favoritism in the department.  The pick and choose in recent transfers are made in violation of much talked about transfer policy authorized at helm of affairs only accommodated nears and dears of ministers and bureaucrats by making pick and choose where as dedicated but helpless Teachers/Masters and lecturers who are working for so many years in far flung areas miles away from their homes have get frustrated by this policy. Unfortunately the transfer norms never followed properly and there are many loop holes in the existing transfer policy in the department. The wrong implementation of transfer policy has led to the seemingly shortage of teachers at same places and heap up them at many places. It is an admit fact that this irrational distribution of staff is one of the main problem facing the school education department that hinders its growth and efficiency. That for academic excellence the transfer should be made according to the subject need basis. The powers should be given to both Joint Directors and Chief Education Officers at Distt. level in matter of transfers of all cadres Teachers, Masters and Lecturers to reduce the burden from Directorate.

Release of salary of SSA/RMSA Teachers:  A teacher is being deprived of his salaries for months and then to expect wonders from him is an unfortunate thing. To make provision for the release of salary to SSA/RMSA Teachers /Masters.

DPC  of all cadres in the school Education Department :- As per the figures furnished by the government, around 3878 posts of teachers, 3326 posts of masters and 2042 posts of Lecturers are vacant in the department. Moreover there are 3026 posts of ret teachers, 156 posts of Headmasters, hundreds posts of ZEOs and Principals vacant in the school education department. Keeping this in the interest of the Teachers and students make fresh DPC in the department on regular basis and fill all these vacant posts in the state without further delay and provisions should be made for PG Teachers/Masters to promote them as lecturers on time bound basis of their services and abolish “ additional charges culture” in the department in the interest of the teaching as well as student community in the state.

Creation of new posts at District level:    The single post of Chief Education Officers at district level remains over burden with both administrative and academic activities. The creation of additional post of chief education officer in the District will not only reduce the burden but the department will function smoothly. Fill all the vacant posts of masters/lecturers/principles/Zonal Education Officers/Chief Education Officers in the state.

Removal of pay anomaly of Master Grades: -  The constitution of pay committee to recommend the revised pay structure for the state government employees and recommend the various pay anomalies  in different departments and to address them during the course of implementation of 7th pay revision are the welcome steps.  There is pay anomaly in the pay scales of teachers in the state as per the comprising other states of the country and also not fixed as per the recommendation of the 6th pay Commission in the state of J&K. The Sixth Pay Commission recommendations were required to be implemented uniformly throughout the state.  In schools where it is implemented, number of anomalies remained unaddressed such as the junior teachers is getting higher salary than senior teacher. This is very important due to the fact that in the presence of these anomalies, teachers will not get accurate fixation of their salaries.   Before implementation of 7th Pay Commission in the state remove this anomaly in favor of teachers’ fraternity in the state. The Ministry of Education in J&K must ensure that all the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission must be implemented uniformly as per all states of Union of India. There are several anomalies in pay scales and service conditions of the teachers working in the state. Uniform pay scale policy needs to be implemented in the state on the principle of equal salary of equal work. Fix it as per this-    [1]. Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT) Rs. 9,300 – Rs. 34,800 (Basic) plus Rs. 4,600 Grade pay. Revised pay band under 7th pay comm  Rs. 29,900 – Rs. 1,04,400 (Basic) along with grade pay of Rs. 13,800      

 [2].   Post Graduate Teachers (PGT) Rs. 9300-34800 with Grade Pay 4800  Revised pay band under7th pay comm.  Rs. 29,900 – Rs. 1,04,400 (Basic) along with grade pay of Rs. 14,400 

Lack of Proper Infrastructure:-  There are a number of reasons for the low literacy rates in the state, one of which is poor infrastructure in the schools. Most of the schools lack proper infrastructural facilities. The school building lacks doors and windows and even does not have proper sitting, drinking water and toilet facilities. Majority of the Government schools lack basic infrastructure like toilets, washrooms, play grounds, furniture, libraries etc. Poor infrastructure continues to mar the performance of Government schools. Inadequate infrastructure in schools is a big barrier to enrollment and participation. For improving educational standards, there is immediate need to address the lack of adequate infrastructure in schools.

Review on Admission Rules in 1st  Primary class/3 years age for admission in primary Education    :Keeping the decreasing enrollment in view the Education up to 12thclass should be made compulsory and there should be provision to enroll children in LKG for which the age should be fixing as 3 years  for admission so it will increase the decreasing enrollment in the Government schools. Special provision should be made for the CWSNs [child with special needs]and provision for infrastructure in their favor.. The child learns in its own language easily and his skill of creativity increase, therefore, primary Education be imparted to mother language only.

Primary Examinations a joke with students:-     Present system of examinations for class 5th to 8th is faulty & not in the interest of the student community because the little kids are facing hardship to reach the examination centers which caused tiredness to them and also it is the time consumed exercise to prepare results in times without computer facilities in the clusters. The examinations fee collection from the students is not genuine coz majority of the students are unable to pay such amount on the name of fee. It is the new trend to harass the poor students of the Government schools and debar the private schools in the state on the name of examination fee.


Separate Education commission:       Autonomous and independent Regulatory Commission consisting of educationists is established at State level to regulate and control the Education system. In the past years private institutions have mushroomed. Taking advantage of the weak administrative system and rules innumerable schools have made education a good business of amassing wealth. These Educational institutions have no serious concern for the education and the parents and students are totally distress and helpless. The setting up the educational institutions, their administration, fee structure, decision on curriculum evaluation system etc is either controlled by state Govt or under the controlled of private management. To save the Education from doom, separate Independent and Autonomous Regulatory Commission consisting of intellectuals are established by the State Govt. to regulate and control the whole Education system in the state.