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SRINAGAR: Broadcast & Multimedia Journalists Association (BMJA) Kashmir welcomes governments move to incorporate Mediclaim scheme in the state budget for accredited working journalists of Jammu and Kashmir.vBMJA spokesperson also congratulates members of Kashmir Press Club (KPC), Kashmir Editors Guild (KEG) and other media associations who tirelessly followed the issues concerning media persons in the state.

BMJA said that the historic steps like revamping of advertisement policy, accreditation policy, allotment of press club and medical insurance were long pending demands of the journalists. BMJA hopes that the other genuine demands like bringing in the accredited journalists under Pension scheme after retirement would be also fulfilled for the welfare of fraternity. BMJA said that the journalists in the state are working in extreme work atmosphere that is badly in need of welfare measures to make life of journalists comfortable. BMJA also appreciated that the import of newsprint has been exempted from the taxes which has come a real comfort for the newspaper owners of the state.


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