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JAMMU: Dear customers especially those who prefer online shopping, a detailed story is coming up about Freesoo Karolbagh,  Gizmoo Technologies Karolbagh, Pasfar Technologies Pvt Ltd Bengaluru and others who deal in online selling and facilitate this business, to cheat the customers.

Beware of becoming a Victim of any Cyber Fraud via Online Shopping. Shopping has become hassle free experience with the advent of online shopping stores. As customer’s purchasing habit from online shopping stores is increasing,many online frauds are also trying to leverage this benefit. They are trying to foolshoppers through scams, fake discounts, auction fraudulent and other payment fraudulent. Need of the hour is customer should be extra careful and should take necessary steps to avoid these frauds and thereby, safeguard the online shopping phenomenon.

Some of the important precaution which a shopper must keep in mind while doing online shopping. Choosing Right Online shop: Choosing right vendor is first and foremost important step in safe and secured online shopping stores, for that you must do an online research, study vendor’s website, reviews, terms & conditions.

Authentic online retailers have toll free phone number for customer service;try contacting them if you are making your first purchase with them. The internet connection which is being used by you must be a secure one. As far as possible, use your personal computer and internet.

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