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JAMMU: In this male dominant code of culture where it is hard for women to survive especially when she hails from conservative society it becomes more harder to make her name and rise.  Tahima Qazmi, a strong radiant woman, journalist and anchor by profession refuse to let such adversities confined her.  Seldom are some lucky enough by their providence or by wisdom who make to the mark and are only those who toil under all pressures and adversaries to achieve the ultra mundane.

She is yesteryears a journalist in a conflict torn state of Jammu and Kashmir, a place almost in echo to any peace but surely in contrast to developing and progressing demeanor of any mankind. Yet the fragile, subtle, but strongly attuned to her journalistic pursuits, Tahima gave a dimensional perspective to her endeavors in the field, scaled successful milestones, and earned a distinct conspicuousness of high indelibility.

But proudly she says that all realistic pursuits in journalism should cut across the global barriers and contains a connect that gels loudly the love, unity and brotherhood. A multi faced journalist Tahima scored points ahead of all her contemporaries in the field by undertaking herculean tasks to cover the conflict zones in Jammu and Kashmir and reported events from the most impregnable locations where a normal would fear to venture. 

Sporting immense predilection to cover the highly volatile terrains terror attacks and risk  prone vulnerable areas in the conflict region, Tahima turn out to be a marvelous insignia for the her female fraternity to be followed by later of her clique. Reporting, anchoring performed extensive public speeches, developing creative news researches and stories of human interest and consumption, she jumped into electronic media functions while  analyzing and providing feedback for studio and sound techniques. 

She received high acknowledgement from her network directors’ elite professors’ staff and co workers for her superior job performance creativity work. Before flying to Toronto, Canada she had left behind an indelible mark of a great woman journalist. “Being with associated with state and national media I accomplished great recognition, Besides my association with many leading brands of India it has given me immense confidence which made me stand out of crowd”, she added.

Working for North America's third largest company broadcasting company in Toronto, Canada was a huge achievement for her. “During my  tenure in the company I worked for Disney Networks, Nickelodeon, YTV, CMT and many more wherein I supervised daily presentation schedule which includes commercials that goes on air. In addition I used to co ordinate with programming on air promotions which includes sales and media planning”, she said.    

She says while her journey around States and Canada she has come in close co ordination with women  ideology and their deportment towards life in foreign land facing situation that arise unconventionally yet fail to diffuse their spirit. She intends to shape her past experience and expertise in generating a consensus among the diametrically drawn women from different conflict zones of the world for the peaceful engagement in work culture.

This could lend a vision to establish women form my country and particularly Jammu and Kashmir to be empowered in a real sense and take back home a sense of realization, she talks from The States. Here Tahima turns out to be one among the "Chosen few" by the almighty who bestowed his choicest blessings upon her to pursue her unique conception for world peace order.

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