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Nowadays it becomes a growing trend for bikers to transmute and modify their bike silencers and engendering vexation and noise pollution for others. The modified exhaust can engender noise ranging from 120 to 130 decibels and it can facilely cause noise pollution and is a growing threat and announce to the general public.

The verbalized equipment are manufactured, sold and purchased unregulated and unchecked in the market and accommodates no purport but to engender nuisance and exasperation to the people. Theses modified silencers will not only increases the noise level but additionally increases the bike celerity. The haste thrills the bikers which increase the chances of contingency.

Such noise not only could harm the environment but withal can give the deleterious effects to an unborn child in mother’s womb, health risk to the people, especially minors, senior denizens and those with medical conditions, apart from contributing to noise pollution.

Normal conversation is about 60 dB, and a loud rock concert is about 120 dB. In general, sounds above 85 are harmful for people especially for elderly people and the minors. Elevated workplace or environmental noise can cause hearing impairment, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, annoyance, and sleep disturbance. Changes in the immune system and birth defects have been also attributed to noise exposure.

Noise pollution is the emission of continuous undesirable noises disrespecting legal levels which, within a specific period of time, pose a threat to human health and collective well-being.  In fact, it’s difficult today to escape sound completely.

Under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, any alteration to the factory model is illicit. Any transmutation that increments the weight of the conveyance by 10 percent can be done with the consent of the manufacturer and the regional convey office. Changes to exhaust pipe cannot be sanctioned as it is breach of the act. The verbalized equipment’s manufactured, sold and purchased unregulated and unchecked in the market and accommodate no purport but to engender nuisance and exasperation.

The new motorcycles have stock silencers with three filters to produce low sound. But, bikers often alter the silencer to produces loud sound. These modify silencers are growing day by day on roads, creating announce and noise pollution for the people and the traffic department and cops are seeing silently.

Under the Environment (Protection) Rules, 1986, 80 decibels is the maximum noise limit for motorcycles and scooters. But, bikers who use modified silencers on their vehicles violate the norms. A bike fitted with modified silencer produces noise that is at least 120 decibels and often above 130 decibels.

The Fancy bikers spend between Rs. 1,000 and Rs 3,000 to modify the exhaust systems of the motorcycles. Nowadays this modification is a growing business, but they don't cerebrate of others.  Abstracting the catalytic converter, a component fitted to the exhaust pipe is the most facile way to increment the noise, such type of silencer is called a free flow exhaust. It engenders more sound as well as toxic gases. The gas should be filtered by the catalytic converter to eschew directly release the toxic gas into the air. Why the state is still lagging behind in taking up action against such users who not only are breaking rules regarding noise. The government has announced to take necessary measures against culprits. These crazy bikers are not only a threat to the general public but additionally put their own lives in peril.  

I appealed the modified silencer users not only for the two-wheelers but additionally four-wheelers to reinstall the silencers which had been pristinely installed during the manufacture of the conveyances. The drivers/bike riders can additionally contribute and avail in reducing pollution but without the fortification from the public, making an unsullied and salubrious environment will be an arduous task. So always take care of others don't exasperate others.

It’s additionally the responsibility of the traffic department to come forward and avail in reducing the growing Macho trend of the fancy bikers on roads, which will avail in reducing the growing accidents among such Macho bikers.

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