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MUMBAI: The world’s largest democracy, in the books at least, when goes to an election, also portrays to be probably the world’s largest hatred field, where the head of the ruling party doesn’t think even once before making his and his party’s intentions pretty clear and the basic principles of their thought being a religious divide. 

I would say that I don’t think I’m mistaken in thinking as I do that it’s not their love for the saffron but the majority of the saffron in India that they are in love with. It may sound confusing to you reader, so let me make it a little more clearer here. It’s the majority of the population or the vote bank that is connected with the saffron color that they are concerned about. They aren’t true to their own belief even and nor are they concerned about that, believe me, and their only concern is to fool the masses, which unfortunately in India are the unfortunate ones who didn’t get an access to the school because of one or the other circumstance. 

Had it been the pure love towards the belief, they would surely not be the distributors of hatred because no religion and not the one they follow for sure, entertains or suggests hatred and moreover the runners of the party wouldn’t have been in one or the other way, a part of the businesses that earn huge money on the export of the entities that in itself are forbidden by the same faith that they portray to be the saviors and messiahs of. 

It’s a deep rooted dirty way of politics that’s being played just to make sure that the masses get fooled and put together the bricks for the throne to be made that ultimately is used to crush the same people or force them by leaving no way out except to suicide or live in agony. PS the trend and the increase in the trend of the farmer suicides. 

They wouldn’t even spare the armed forces and use their names, positions or even the sacrifices to put together the bricks dipped in the blood of the martyrs to strengthen the glue of the throne of the power.  Every kind of a lie and manipulated piece would be used rather is being used to fool the innocent masses in this election too like every other, however let’s not loose the hope that the country behaves mature this time and uses the power of its ballot in the proper way it should actually be. We can only hope and hope till it happens one day. 

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Jenab Satya Pal Malik Ji,

Hon’ble Governor, J&K

Raj Bhawan, Jammu.    


His Excellency Satya Pal Malik Ji,

I am writing this letter to lodge a formal protest against Government Order No. 353-Home (ISA) of 2019 dated 03-04-2019 where under civilian traffic has been banned on National Highway for two days a week. This is the most despicable, irrational, undemocratic and senseless diktat ever to have been issued in a republic nation governed by the Constitution.

Mr. Excellency, this outrageous order violates Article 19(1)(d) of the Constitution of India, which guarantees to the citizens the fundamental right to move freely in any part of the country. By barring the movement of the people of the State on two days a week, does the State Administration want to convey that the fundamental rights are not applicable to the State of J&K or that the Administration has the power to suspend these rights at its whim and caprice. I think your Excellency has been grossly mislead and ill advised in this matter.

May I bring it into your kind notice that this shameful order, reminiscent of totalitarian and despotic era of governance, is bound to turn into a humanitarian disaster as the school children, employees, people connected with trade and business and people in dire need to travel in order to tend their daily needs of survival would not be able to move. This restriction will also have a disastrous effect on tourism industry in the State when the tourism season has just begun. Practically, the hustle and bustle of life in the State would be in off-mode for these two days.

While the safe movement of troops on the National Highway cannot be compromised or undermined, there are other ways to ensure that. The troops can either be airlifted from Jammu or transported through dedicated railway coaches from Banihal to Baramulla. It doesn’t need to put the entire civilian populace into distress and agony. Such a course would also result in bad blood between the civilian population and the armed forces, which would be detrimental for security environment of the State.

I accordingly appeal and request your Excellency to reconsider this issue and withdraw the order as expeditiously as possible. Such draconian orders have no place in civilized nations where rule of law prevail. Resort to such measures send a wrong signal to the entire world that all is not well in the State of J&K and also rebuffs the tall claims of the Government that situation in the State is under control.

With great regards,


                                                                           Yours Sincerely, 

                                                                          (Sajad Gani Lone)

                             Chairman, J&K Peoples Conference

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HUMANITYJAMMU: International Humanity Conference (IHC) through a series of laudable initiatives seeks to provide an international platform where individuals and organizations can come together to network and share ideas on how to overcome the difficult challenges and problems facing the human race across the world, through well packed discussions, keynote speeches, Research papers, And Cultural integration activities. The IHC tasked itself to find some of the world's best solutions to humanity problems and also to complement the activities of the UN in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Our main global mission is to develop pragmatic solutions to solve some of the most pressing problems facing humanity to make the world a safer and convenient place to live in. The Theme: for this years edition of the international Humanity Conference is " Poverty Stricken Humanity, Our Fundamental Roles in Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goal 1 (No Poverty) for a better World. 

We hope that this conference extends beyond the borders of Ghana and Africa in the next few years touching communities directly with the solutions that is brought out of the Conference, we also seek to come up with implementation initiatives that would be community specific, we intend to actively engage both national and International experts to realize the full potentials of these initiatives. 

In the long term we anticipate that this conference will rise to become one of the  world's leading and respectable meeting points for discussions and negotiations that will advance the livelihood of all humans. Our expected delegates and audience for the International Humanity Conference (IHC) are Diplomats, Government officials, Academia's, Entrepreneurs, Scholars, Artists, Activists, Writers, as well as Students in the Secondary and Tertiary institutions and Professionals who are engaged in activities that enhance the livelihood of Humanity. We want to provoke discussions on how to make the world a better place for all humans to live in. The IHC thrives on the expertise of these professionals to achieve the desire goals. 

The IHC believes in the youth and challenges them to be the agents to drive the solutions needed to emancipate humanity from hardship.  There is a post conference event which is a Cultural Art Exhibition and International Humanity Awards. Together with our national and international partners, the organizers of the Conference shall identify and honor both individuals and organizations who are strongly engaged in activities that advances and transform lives and societies. Under the observation of a scheme of well - resourced jury to select deserving individuals from a broader spectrum of nominees. 

The inventor and convener of the International Humanity Conference (IHC) is  Hon Dr. Waheed Musah founder and CEO of  "Waheed Centre for Humanity and Humanitarian Development" (WCHHD) and Hafrikan Prince Art World (Art) supported by other National and International partners. 

On 29th September, 2018 Ghana witnessed the first maiden edition of the International Humanity Conference (IHC) tagged: International Humanity Conference IHC Ghana 2018  with the theme: " The Role of Global Partnership in achieving the UN - Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 4, 16 & 17). Hosted at the prestigious University of Ghana, the historic Commonwealth Conference Hall, legon, Accra, Ghana. IHC 2018 brought together eminent Diplomats, Delegates and Dignitaries from: The Philippines, India, Egypt, Nigeria, Lebanon, Zambia, Syria, and the Netherlands. Also National delegates from all the 10 regions of Ghana meet at the University under the above  mission of IHC.

November, 25th 2018 India also witnessed the second edition of the International Humanity Conference (IHC) tagged International Humanity Conference India  2018. Hosted at the Historic CIDCO public Hall, CIDCO exhibition Centre Vashi, Navi Mumbai under the auspices of Hon. Dr. Anil Nair, HPAW manager and Ambassador India Branch and the CEO of Consultancy India, attendance was India Movie Stars, Diplomats, Academia's, Activists, Government officials, Miss UN, UN ambassadors, Celebrities, and among are International Delegates. 

Ghana is set to host the third edition of the International Humanity Conference (IHC) tagged: International Humanity Conference (IHC) Ghana 2019 With the Theme: "Poverty Stricken Humanity, Our fundamental roles in achieving the UN - Sustainable Development Goal 1 (No Poverty ) for a better World. At the Institute of Local Government Studies, Africa Ghana from 23 to 27 September, 2019. 

23th September, 2019 arrival of all Delegates ,24 - 25th September, 2019 Main days for the Conference ,26th September, 2019: Tour/ Media Interviews and Documentary Coverage etc. 27th September, 2019: Departure.

Plenary Sections divided into 4 for the two days. 

From 24 to 25 -  conference sections

"Plenary Section"

1.Education & Creative Art, 

Topic : - How Education and Creative Art Can Eradicate Poverty.

2.Politics,  Government & Diplomatic Partnership,

Topic :- How Government and Diplomatic Partnership can Eradicate Poverty

3.Agriculture & Entrepreneurship, 

Topic :- How Agriculture and Entrepreneurship skill can Eradicate Poverty.

4.Science and Technology, 

Topic :- How Science and Technology can Eradicate Poverty.

For Partnership and Sponsorship call +233240909959 Or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The International Humanity Conference (IHC) is a developing global brand with a world mission to create a better world for all. 

(The authors are Freelancer and Human Right Activist and can be reached This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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